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BrandSamsara is your online marketplace for high-quality designer fashion in the second hand sector. We place great importance on authenticity and quality so you feel great when shopping with us. You can sell your used treasures and find new classics with us.

Who we are

It all began in 2007 when we started buying used branded clothes and accessories from friends and later selling those items abroad through our ebay page. At the same time we were organising special fashion events like Brandsamsara special days.

The family grew little by little and BRANDSAMSARA was created.®.

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What we do

In BRANDSAMSARA® our goal is to always ensure the maximum benefits for you - our partners- as well as the best possible prices for our final clients.

Our main concern is direct and quality service and it seems that we are managing well since we have been cooperating with dedicated and satisfied partners for years. We also maintain excellent ratings on our sale channel on ebay.

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Why sell with us

The main advantages of cooperating with us are the personal contact, the feeling that you belong to our family, BRANDSAMSARA®and that your items are forwarded for sale in the international market, making them even more possible to be sold.

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