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We use cookies to manage connection periods, provide customized webpages and perform adjustments of commercial and other content, in order to reflect your specific needs and interests.

Cookies can also be used to conduct anonymous, cumulative statistics which allow for understanding how the public uses the website, and assist the improvement of its structure and content.The possibility of verifying your personal identity through this information is not available. You can alter the settings of your browser to reject certain, or all cookies, apart from those which are absolutely necessary. You should be aware of the fact that some settings are only available through the use of cookies, therefore, rejecting those cookies might render those settings unavailable.

What is Cookies?

“Cookies” are small files in text form, which are saved in the user’s browser when they visit a website.

This information is saved in the user’s computer and might include information such as which pages the user visited, the date and time of each visit as well as some random, unique identification number of the user.

With this use, is able to save information which is useful for the user’s navigation on the website, as well as to read this information is order to offer a unified navigation experience to the user. uses the absolutely necessary cookies.

The absolutely necessary cookies are of essential importance for site’s operation, they allow you to navigate the webpage and make use of its settings,

These cookies do not recognize your personal identity.

These cookies are used in order to offer model operation.


These cookies collect information about the way that visitors use the website, for example, which pages they visit more often or whether they receive error messages from webpages.

These cookies collect combined, anonymous information, which does not identify the visitor.

They are used exclusively for a webpage performance’s improvement

Third Party cookies

These cookies are placed by cooperators of , for its benefit.

These cookies collect data about the efficiency of advertisements and the visitors’ interaction with

This data is used to export statistical results and to improve product placement.


These cookies allow to remember the user’s choices, such as font size or if he has responded to a survey of the Company in order to provide improved and customized operations.

The information that these cookies collect might become anonymous and it is not capable of viewing the navigation activity on other websites.

In case you do not accept theses cookies, the performance and functionality of might be affected, and access to its content might be limited.


These cookies are used to provide content which is more compatible to you and your interests.

They are used to deliver targeted advertisements/ offers, to limit advertisement projection or to measure the effectiveness of a commercial campaign.

They are used to recognize the websites visited, in order to determine which online marketing channels are more effective and which allow reward attribution on external websites which led your to us.


Traffic data processing programs on are used to detect any technical issues, which might come up during navigation.

Based on collected information thought these programs, technical issues and problems are corrected and services offered by are constantly improved, in order to respond to the user’s needs.

Cookies of Social Network

These cookies are necessary for linking your account to brandsamsara’s social media.

You are enabled to republish and share information on with your friends on social media, or to declare that you wish to follow Brandsamsara on social media.

Social media cookies are not necessary for your navigation on

It is left to your discretion to revoke, if you wish to, your consent or to object to the use of cookies on your computer or device, to check or delete cookies.

Changes in Cookies Policy

The current Cookies Policy might be altered at any time. For this reason we think it is necessary to refer regularly to the current policy, which came into force on 25/05/2018. In case of an alteration, the date this took place will be mentioned. The one which was formed most recently is always the one which is considered to be valid.