Quality standards & Acceptance criteria

What do we accept ?

We can just evaluate and take over the sale of:

  • New or slightly used branded women's clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories which are worth 150 € and above. Consult the list of favourite designers, here.
  • On Trend. We love fashion. We always want to offer our clients favorite trendy items. We accept "something" special, vintage well preserved, but unfortunately we can not accept any item comes to us.
  • All items must be authentic. Our policies concerning authenticity is very strict.
  • We might reject items that are out of season.

Seasonal Plan:

  • Fall and Winter clothes and shoes from August until January,
  • Spring and summer clothes and shoes from February until July,
  • Party Dresses and Christmas + New Year’s clothes in November,
  • Bags, Jeans and sunglasses anytime during the year.

We do not accept men's and kids clothes, underwear and swimwear.

Items Quality Specification


  • Clean ironed clothes
  • Without stains
  • Without holes and dirt
  • It's essential that the tags are not removed. Brand and size must be identifiable.
  • If the item is mended or remade you should inform us.


  • Without important wear outs.
  • No broken or damaged metal hardware, zippers
  • Items must be authentic.


  • Not very damaged or over worn shoes.
  • Items must be authentic.