Authentication Process

At Brandsamsara, we are committed to providing our customers with only authentic second-hand luxury items. To ensure the authenticity of every product, we implement a rigorous verification process: 

Expert Evaluation: Each item undergoes a thorough examination by our team of luxury goods experts. These professionals are trained to identify even the most intricate details of authenticity, from craftsmanship to materials used. 

Comprehensive Inspection: Our inspection process includes a detailed review of the item's serial numbers, logos, hardware, stitching, and overall condition. We compare these elements against known standards and databases of genuine products. 

Provenance Verification: We investigate the item's history, including previous ownership and original purchase details. This helps us trace the product back to its origins and confirm its legitimacy.

Certificate of Authenticity: We offer bespoke authentication services upon request. For added peace of mind, every purchase from Brandsamsara may come with a certificate of authenticity that provides detailed information about the item's verification process and serves as a guarantee of its genuineness. Its cost is 15 euro for luxury brands and 25 euro for Hermes brand.

Ongoing Training: Our team continuously updates their knowledge and skills to stay ahead of counterfeiters. This ongoing education ensures that we are always using the latest techniques and information to authenticate products.

At Brandsamsara, your trust is our top priority. We take every measure to ensure that the second-hand luxury item you purchase from us is not only authentic but also of the highest quality. Shop with confidence knowing that authenticity is at the core of our business.