What items do you accept?

 Women's branded "high quality" clothing, shoes, accessories and handbags.


What items do you not accept?

We do not accept men's or children's clothing, shoes, accessories and handbags. As well as swimwear and underwear.


What value must the items have?

Their original purchase price should be ≥ 300€.


Do you accept items from any house, brand or designer?

At BRANDSAMSARA®, just like you, we have some favorite designers. Consult our list of favorite brands/designers.

*Our list is constantly being updated so we will gladly review an item not on the list as long as it meets all other acceptance criteria.


Do you only accept authentic items?

Yes. Our policy in this regard is very strict.

Our dedicated team is trained in authenticity checking. Every item we undertake to sell goes through a thorough authenticity/genuineness check. There is a possibility that we may ask you for more information/proof of purchase of the items. We never undertake to sell items whose authenticity we cannot guarantee. Evidence of authenticity may be considered, the:

- Authentic cloth storage case

- Authentic packaging

- Authentic packaging (the label that was on the item or inside its packaging, which indicates its code, price or any other information)

- Proof of purchase

- Authenticity card

- Care manual (found mainly in handbags)


What happens if my item turns out to be non-authentic?

It will not be accepted. You will be notified to collect it from our premises.

If you do not collect it within 1 month, then we are committed to recycling it immediately. We are against any trafficking of inauthentic items and we prove it at every opportunity.


How can I be sure/assured that my item is authentic?

First of all, you should have bought it from a reputable shop and the price at which you bought it should not differ significantly from the general price of the item on the market.


Why does it matter if my item is in-season?

We at BRANDSAMSARA® also follow the rules of the market. The chances of selling an item increase when the item is "in-season"! For this reason, there is a chance that we may reject an item if it is not in-season.

See in detail which items we accept by season:

Seasonality plan:

- Autumn and winter clothes and shoes from August to January.

- Spring and summer clothes and shoes from February to July.

- Party dresses & Christmas and New Year's Eve dresses & outfits in November.

- Bags, Jean pants and sunglasses any season.


Why does it matter if my item is on-trend?

We love fashion. And we always want to offer our customers favorite, on-trend items. We do accept some of your unique, collectible and well-preserved items (vintage), but unfortunately we cannot accept any item that comes into our hands.


What condition should my items be in?

We accept new or gently used items, with no major wear or marks that meet BRANDSAMSARA® quality standards.

Quality Standards

Clothing: Must be washed, clean and ironed. Free of stains, shrinkage and holes. It is very important that the fabric tags on each garment are not cut. The logo and size should be identifiable.

Bags: No significant wear, marks or stains. No broken or damaged metal elements and zippers.

Shoes: Not too worn or worn.

It is important to let us know if you have repaired or altered any item.


Do you accept items that have damage?

At BRANDSAMSARA® we love your items with their flaws, as long as you report them to us during the appraisal process.

Just remember that we only accept items that are new or slightly used.


What happens if one of my clothes is not clean and ironed?

We assume taking your item to the dry cleaners.

The laundry cost will be deducted from your future earnings.


- Top - Blouse: 5€

- Pants: 6€

- Skirt: 6€

- Dress:9€

- Trousers: 10€

- Coats/Jackets: 25€

- Leather jacket: 45€


What if a defect is found in my item and it needs repair?

We can take care of the repair.

The cost of it will be deducted from your future earnings.

Charges vary depending on the repair and you will be notified of the cost via email.



 How do I find out the value of my items?

Use the online "Add New Item" form available on our website. Within 4 to 5 business days you will receive our online estimation of the value of your items.

What are the options for the delivery of my items?

  1. Drop of at our premises.

Call us at +30 210 6522735 or send us an email at to make an appointment for the delivery of the items to our premises. After delivery, we evaluate them according to their brand, age, condition. 

  1. Send by courier to our premises

If you are located outside Attica or you are not able to bring the items to us, you can contact us to make an appointment with our partner courier company to pick up your items free of charge and direct you on the shipping process. After receiving them, we evaluate them according to their brand, age and condition.

Your name, address and telephone number must be written on the package, and inside the package there must be a detailed list of your items, a mobile contact number and your email.

  1. Visit your place.

Call us at +30 210 6522735 or email us at to make an appointment and pick up the items from your place. We then evaluate them according to their brand, age and condition.


What does it mean that you will assess my items?

When your items come into our hands they will go through BRANDSAMSARA® quality control. Once, their authenticity/genuineness and condition has been examined you will receive a final quote (a price range) from us within 7 working days which does not always coincide with the online estimation.


Do I have to accept the final offer immediately?

No. You have 7 days to decide whether to accept our final offer. If not, we will ship your item back, at your own expense. If the 7 days pass, then you assume that you have accepted our final offer and your item is forwarded for sale.


How is the value of my items determined?

The BRANDSAMSARA® team evaluates items based on expertise and a good knowledge of the fashion market. Our mindset is always to set the best price for you and the prospective buyer. 

Our expert team will set the price based on:

  1. the style
  2. the condition
  3. age
  4. the brand
  5. rarity
  6. its market value
  7. the purchasing value of similar objects
  8. the market.


What happens to my item(s) that you have in your premises that you ultimately did not take on to sell or for which I did not agree to the final offer?

 We will return it to you at your own shipping cost, after informing you about it.




What does it mean that BRANDSAMSARA® has undertaken to sell my item?

It means that we undertake to sell your item on consignment. When it is sold, you earn the amount we have agreed upon, i.e. 50% to 70% of the net sale price according to the table.

(Sale prices)

50€ - 99€ - You earn 50% of the sale

100€ - 999€ - You earn 60% of the sale

1000€ - You earn 70% of the sale

The costs charged by the platforms where we list the items for sale are estimated at around 15-20% of the sale and are covered by us.


What is a consignment?

A consignment is the contract by which we, at BRANDSAMSARA®, undertake to keep the item delivered to us, until the moment of its sale at the price we have agreed upon or until the moment of its return to you, or its donation to one of the Non-Profit Organizations we work with.


When will my item be sold?

With our knowledge, expertise and strategies, BRANDSAMSARA® is the best solution to get your item sold promptly and safely. However, there is no guarantee of a successful sale for any item.


Overall, how long do you keep an item for sale?

9 months.


For as long as you have my item on consignment-sale, does it belong to you?

No, the item belongs to you for the duration of the sale process. As long as it is with us it is considered a consignment item. When it is sold, the item and its ownership pass into the hands of the new owner.


What happens if the 9 months pass and my item remains unsold?

In this case we can return it to you at your own shipping cost, after informing you of the cost.


What happens if I finally decide I want to take back an item?

As long as your item has not been sold by that time, we send it back to you and you are charged with the shipping costs as well as 25 euros per item, which corresponds to the cost of storage, photography and promotion.


How will I know that my item has been sold?

We will inform you immediately via email. You can always check your sold items on our app. But don't hesitate to contact us at any time.


When will I be paid?

Our payment system is monthly, and payments are made on the 15th day of each month for sales made during the previous month. For example, on the 15th of April you will be paid for items sold in March.


How do I get paid?

We can pay you in cash, by transferring money to your bank account or via PayPal.


Why is the price I see on the platforms different from what we agreed?

The price on the platforms includes the commissions they retain for their services, charges for payment in a different currency, the BRANDSAMSARA® commission and the shipping costs of the item. We may also raise the starting price 10-15% to allow us to take full advantage of promotional tools such as giving the prospective buyer the opportunity to make an offer or run a promotional campaign, as is common on the platforms. Either way, you still earn the amount we have agreed based on the Table (Sale Prices).


What happens if someone buys my item and returns it?

If someone buys your item and returns it, we will take care of selling it for our own account. You have received the money from the sale of the item and this does not change.


What are BRANDSAMSARA® Special Days?

BRANDSAMSARA® Special Days are days when items we have in our hands are sold in our showroom or on our site before being available for sale on other platforms. All items are sold at the prices pre-agreed with you.


How can I find out about BRANDSAMSARA® Special Days?

 We will inform you about the dates via email, but also via our facebook page.