Consignor Terms



    The Company has on its website the electronic application of the "Sale Form". Users who have registered on this website will have the possibility to use this application free of charge at any time with the aim of sending electronic photos and providing some data relating exclusively to authentic branded women's clothing, bags, shoes and accessories that they have in their personal wardrobe:

    1. be able to find out the current value of their wardrobe; and
    2. for certain items in their wardrobe which they intend to offer to the Merchant, the Merchant, without any charge, may undertake their safekeeping and sale to third parties, under the conditions and agreements detailed below.



           Enterprise, we

          Supplier/ Consignor/ Partner, you

          Consumer/ Buyer of the Object

          Online Valuation Form

          Agreement/ Contract/ Contract

          Object/ Good/ Product/ Item

          Online Valuation

          Final Offer


          Duration of the deposit

          Start date of the deposit



            By completing the Online Valuation Form, you enable us to estimate the possible selling price for the item(s) you wish to purchase from your personal wardrobe.

            In effect this means that YOU are asking us to act as your agent/mediator and sell the relevant item/s on your behalf.

            Within 4-5 working days from the day you submit the Sale Form, we will contact you by e-mail.

            - to confirm whether or not we are going to provisionally accept the item(s) for sale; and

            - to receive for each item/s we provisionally accept for sale the Online Valuation.

            Online Estimate is the range of (2) prices, minimum and maximum, within which, as a first estimate we believe you can profit from the sale of your item.

            The Online Estimate for an item is valid for 60 days. If within 60 days we have not received it, then our offer is no longer valid and a new price offer will be requested for that item.

            For purposes of determining the Online Estimate, we assume the item is in excellent condition unless otherwise specified on the Online Estimate Form.

            We reserve our rights to revise and adjust the proposed Online Estimate price upon receipt of the item(s).

            It is at our sole discretion, to refuse to accept any item for sale without being required to give reasons for our decision.



        a) Once you have received our offer with the Online Estimate for each item that we provisionally accept and you agree with it, then the shipment of the item(s) to us follows.
        b) For each item you decide to send us means that you have agreed in advance to the Online Estimate.
        c) Call us at +30 210 6522735 or e-mail us at to make an appointment for us to have the items delivered to our premises by you. If you are located outside Attica or you are not able to bring the items to us, you can contact us to make an appointment with our partner courier company to pick up your items free of charge and guide you through the shipping process.
        d) It is your responsibility:

              - Ensure that the item is carefully and securely packed/unpacked in a way that ensures it reaches us in perfect condition.

              - Ensure that you keep the voucher stub from the courier company so that we can track the shipment.

              - Ensure that the item is available for collection at the agreed time and date and that the agreed collection address is the correct one.

              - If the courier company is unable to collect an item(s) because it is not available at the agreed collection address, a 2nd pick-up at the original address will be made free of charge. If it still cannot be picked up or you have given us an incorrect or incomplete pick-up address or you would like to change the pick-up address then you will be liable for the charge.

          e) Insurance for the risk of loss or damage during transit: We work with well-known and reliable courier companies that insure your parcels up to the amount of 300€. There is the possibility of additional (optional) insurance on request and in agreement with the courier company. The additional cost is covered by our Company if the item remains for sale throughout the duration of the contract between us, i.e. 9 months. Otherwise, the cost of insurance shall be borne by the Supplier.
          f) Upon delivery of the parcel(s) you must receive a delivery receipt from the courier company. In the event that it is not given to you, you must request it.
          g) By sending an item to us, you assure us of the following:
          • You are the legal owner of the item or you have full authority to sell the item on behalf of someone else.
          • The item can be legally sold to consumers in Greece and you have the authority to sell the item or you are the sole owner of the item.
          • The item is not stolen or stolen or forged/falsified
          • The item must correspond to the description on the Sale Form.
          • We consider the item to be in perfect condition unless

          unless you have reported a defect or wear and tear on the Sale Form

          and we have agreed to accept it with them.

          • The item must be clean and ironed, in

          otherwise we will bear the cost of the dry cleaning which then deducted

           from your future profits.


            1. When we receive your items we will contact you by e-mail.
            2. Upon receipt of your items, we will be deemed to have entered into a deposit agreement between us whereby we undertake to sell the items in question on your behalf.
            1. After we have examined the condition of the items we have received for any damage or defects and we make a strict check for their authenticity, we select those items which in our judgement are feasible to sell.
            1. Within 7 working days of receipt of an item we will confirm by e-mail whether we accept the item for sale or not.
            1. The final price of the item we accept for sale may differ from our original Online Estimate. In this case it is our obligation to inform you.
            2. We may reject an item if

                 - It does not meet our acceptance criteria

                 - It differs from the description on the Online Valuation Form

                 - It is not authentic.

            1. For any item rejected because it was not authentic, you are required to collect it from our premises. In addition, you must cover the cost of transport that has preceded it and any additional insurance.
            2. Once we have examined the item if we consider the Online Estimate to be too high or too low, we will inform you by email of the revised price (Final Offer).
            3. You have 7 days to decide whether to accept it. After 7 days, we will consider that you have accepted our Final Offer and your item will automatically be forwarded for sale.
            4. If you do not accept the final offer, you will have to choose how to receive your item back. If you choose to return by courier you will be responsible for the cost. Otherwise you collect it from our premises.


              1. Since we are referring to used clothing, accessories etc. according to the company's cleaning policy each item must be clean before it is offered for sale. Each item must be washed - cleaned by you prior to receipt.
              2. If we receive an item that is soiled and/or needs repair, we will email you to inform you of the cost and ask for your consent.
              3. If you do not consent to an item being cleaned and/or repaired or do not agree to any proposed charge for cleaning or repairing an item, we will return it to you at your expense.
              4. If you accept the final offer you agree:

                  - to have the item cleaned and/or repaired at your own expense to be deducted     from your future earnings; and

                  - to assume the risk in the event that it is not cleaned or repaired and the risk that it is damaged.

              1. If we do not receive a response within 7 days then we will automatically assume that you agree to the cleaning and/or repair and to any proposed charge for cleaning or repair.
              2. If the cleaning and/or repair fails to restore the item to a saleable condition, at the sole discretion of our Stylistic Team, we will return the item to you at your expense within 14 days and the cost of the cleaning and/or repair will be borne by us.
              3. We use reputable and reputable cleaners, but we are not responsible for any item that has suffered loss of colour/volume reduction/any damage whilst undergoing cleaning, which was done in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions on the label attached to it.


                1. The item(s) accepted for sale constitute the "Items on Deposit" and for which we have the sole and exclusive right to act as your custodian/broker for the purpose of selling them on these terms and you shall, during the term of the agreement, not attempt to sell the item(s) yourself and shall not contact any other person or company with a view to selling the item(s) on your behalf.
                2. Upon receipt of the package and acceptance of the final offer, the item(s) will be photographed, described and forwarded for sale. This process takes approximately 14 working days. Through your personal account you can be informed at any time about each item for sale. If for any reason you do not receive any information, you can contact us by e-mail or telephone.
                3. Your item(s) will be put up for sale in the best possible way, with the aim of achieving a successful sale in the shortest possible time and with strategies that will help your item(s) to sell at the best possible price. The sale is done in market places, in our e-shop and in our physical store. However, there is no guarantee of a successful sale for any item.
                4. The Deposit Period is defined as a maximum period of 9 months.
                5. The deposit start date is defined as the day each item is made available for sale.
                6. The Final Sale Price of an item is an estimate of the price at which the item can be sold, taking into account its condition, original retail price, age, style, condition and other relevant/relevant commercial factors.
                7. For any item that remains unsold after the 9 month period, we will have to return it to you at your own shipping cost or pick it up from our physical store.
                8. If for any reason you require us to take the item(s) back before the end of the retention period, you must give us 3 working days notice. You will be responsible for the shipping costs and any additional insurance costs incurred to collect the items. In addition there will be an additional charge of 25 euros per item to cover the costs of storage, photography and online disposal for sale.
                SALE OF ITEMS
                  1. When an item is sold you are notified by e-mail. You can in any case check your sales and profits through your personal account.
                  2. Our payment system is monthly, and payments are made on the 15th day of each month for a sales period starting on the 1st of the previous month until the last day of the previous month.

                   "For example, on April 15 you will be paid on April 15 for items sold during the period March 1 to March 31."

                  1. Payments are made by bank transfer.
                  2. With the sale of each item:

                      - From 50 euros to 99 euros, the supplier's profit is 50% of the net sales value.

                      - From EUR 100 to EUR 999, the supplier's profit is 60% of the net sales value.

                      - From EUR 1000 and above, the supplier's profit is 70% of the net sales value.


                   The Merchant reserves the right to modify or renew these terms and conditions of transactions made through our e-shop website, at any time, according to its needs and business customs, while it is obliged to inform its users of any modifications and any changes through this e-shop website. It is noted that the change of terms does not include orders that have already been placed. For this reason, we consider it advisable to refer regularly to these terms and conditions, which entered into force on 01/02/2019. In the event of their modification, the date on which they took place will be indicated. The conditions in force are always considered to be the conditions as they have been formulated since the most recent amendment.